Final Goodbyes

Update: Ma passed away....All I can do is be thankful she is no longer in pain. Thanks to many donations I will be able to make it home. Some unexpected expenses though have popped up with this. Donations are still welcome. I will remove the donation button once I am back from the funeral. Thank you everyone. I promise a much better thanks once everything is done, just a little overwhelmed right now.

I am not normally one to ask for anything from anyone, in fact I loath it and yet I am faced with a hard reality that I need to of my friends and family right now. As most know my mother was checked into the hospital 1 weekend ago suffering from a bad headache. Over the course of a few days we learned it was Cancer and she went from being a vibrant woman to hospice care almost overnight. Right now I am looking at my phone and every time it rings my heart drops....I never thought I would be a 3000 miles away awaiting on the call from my family to tell me my mother had passed but that is where I am.

As if being apart from family wasn't bad enough during this time, it is even harder sitting here so far after what I can already, even before all this, describe as the worst year of my life and have no way to get home. I cannot even get there to say goodbye....I want to be there for the funeral though and I know it is coming up. When you get calls from your family while they are already there taking care of plans there is no escaping it. And while I am still praying constantly for ma to sit up on her bed and start yelling at the hospice people I know in my heart that is not going to happen.

I'm losing my ma, the 1 person to which ties myself and the rest of my family together. I find that pride has no place in this and quite frankly I am finding I am not too proud to beg. I have had one family member say they will get me there come hell or high water but even if they can get the ticket there is still so much else to cover just to get there. I am hours from the nearest airport so I have to drive and gas is outrageous, then I have to store the car for days while I am away and pay for that when I do get back, not to mention the drive home. Then there is food during the day long trip just to get there and back again.

These are all expenses that take their toll even on a family under the best of financial circumstances. Sadly I am not. 6 months unemployment does not lend itself to a health financial setting....So, here I am. Looking for someway to get home. Anything will help.

This button will allow anyone to send any amount to my paypal account. Unlike sending money to me, where I would have to wait on mail, then deposits to clear and such, it goes directly to my paypal account to which I have a card and can make direct purchases through like I would with any other credit/debit card.

And if there is a worst case scenario and I don't get home for what ever reason the money will be used in some way for my family down in Ga to help. No idea how yet but something.